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Boarding and training is where you send your dog away for a set amount of time for all the training to be done for you. The training is then transferred back to the owner through private training lessons to teach the owner how to maintain the training from there on. This is a great option for dog owners that  don't have the time to spend training with their dog on a daily basis. Consistency is a HUGE part of successful dog training so let us do all the work for you at Action K9.

What sets us apart from other facilities is we don't have a mass boarding operation where dogs are warehoused in sterile kennel runs. We take a 1-2 dogs at a time into our own private home where they are incorporated in our daily lives. Your dog will go on unique daily outings to ensure that the training will hold up under high distraction. Every board and train program is fully customized to your home and lifestyle, meaning we train the commands you will use. If you need a dog that can go on long hikes without pulling on leash, we can prioritize that command. Want a dog to sit under the table calmly at a restaurant? We can focus on the exact behaviors you would like your dog to learn so you can begin enjoying your dog to the fullest!  

Here are some common problem areas that we can address in our Board + Train program:

Potty training

House manners

Playful biting/mouthing

Excessive barking

Dog to dog aggression

Dog to people aggression


Destructive chewing

Separation anxiety

Please call us and see if this program is right for you and your furry loved one!

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