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“We can't thank Josh enough for the incredible transformation with our dog Sammy. Sammy had a huge issue with bolting out of the front door and running down the street and not coming when called. There was even a couple of times where she was almost hit by a car. After a handful of lessons, Sammy will wait at the door until we allow her out and even comes when called now. Thanks Action K9 for our well behaved dog."

- Steve L.


"I have been working with Josh Zapparoli with my Rottweiler Addi for the last few months in preparation for competitive Obedience and Protection. He is honestly one of the best IPO helpers I've worked with. I know my dog will make progress every training session and and I'm grateful for his expertise and guidance in getting her ready for competition. I highly recommend him for anyone looking to take their dog's training to the next level."

- Dana M.


"If it weren't for Action K9 Training we would have had to put our dog down. They were able to pin point the issues, as well as help US identify and work with OUR shortcomings, that were only holding us back from having the perfect dog. Thanks to them we were able to build an amazing relationship with our dog and for our dog. We are now on our second pup, since our boy passed away after ten years, and they are there to help once again. I wouldn't trust anyone else with her, and their ability to communicate exactly what the owner needs is why I LOVE them."

- Adrienne J.


"Josh has been training dogs for many years. About 15 years ago he started helping me train mine. I can't recommend him more. He's the real deal, someone who understands dogs and knows how to teach and train for any issues. I wouldn't go anywhere else. I Strongly recommend him and worth every penny for the results you get."

- Ron N.

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