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3 Reasons Board + Train Training Works

Training your dog is one of the most important things you can do to encourage positive behavior and help make the experience of dog ownership more enjoyable. However, with many busy households, doing this yourself can be difficult. The good news is you can enjoy all of the benefits of a well-trained dog without having to put all of the work in on your own. Board and train training is designed to give your dog the training it needs (and provide you with the tools to sustain the training), all while allowing you to keep up with your other responsibilities in life.

Small Groups

In most dog training classes you encounter, the entire process is completed with a relatively large group of people with their dogs. There can easily be 10 or more in a single session, making personalized attention extremely difficult. If your dog is struggling with the training, chances are it won't get the extra help needed. However, when you choose the right board and train program, you can rest assured your dog will go through training either alone or with one other dog. This ensures plenty of one-on-one attention so your dog can learn more easily and thoroughly.

Regular Daily Activities

When you choose a board and train program for your dog, these programs are typically held in the trainer's home, which means your dog is going to be implemented into their daily lives. They will go through the normal daily activities they will at home, allowing them to truly see how the things they learn will translate into your regular life. This can make the transition from training to home much easier for your furry family member.

Personalized Owner Training

One of the biggest reasons individuals hesitate to enroll in board and train training programs is because they will not be present for the training. The good news is that once the training is complete, we spend 2-6 private lessons with you, depending on which program you choose, to teach you what your pet has learned and the tools needed to sustain their training.

Consistency is the biggest aspect of successful dog training so let us do all the work for you! To learn more about the types of board + train programs we offer, or to see if your dog is a good fit, contact us today at (760) 877-9837!

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