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Understanding Dog Aggression – and How You Can Help Your Pup Cope

Aggression in dogs can be scary and confusing for owners and their canine companions alike. You can get ahead of the problem by learning about dog aggression before it escalates out of control. With a bit of prevention, and ways to mitigate potential issues, you can handle your dog’s aggression and help your pup find ways to get through the stressors without biting or attacking. Here’s what you need to know.

Underlying Causes of Dog Aggression There are many different stressors that can bring out aggression in dogs, including fear, illness, dominance and resource guarding. By trying to understand the triggers your dog has, you can best mitigate those factors to help keep aggression at bay. You can also utilize this information to pursue professional dog training if you are unable to help your pet. Aggressive Stances and Other Signs One of the biggest ways to prevent aggression incidents is by watching your dog’s body language for signs of a problem. If your dog stands or lies in a very stiff posture and has fur standing on end, you can be sure that there is an incident happening before your eyes. Other surefire signs of dog aggression include: Ears held low Tail held high and stiff, may move in a whipping motion Long, intense stare Pricked ears Lunging or charging Growling and barking Showing teeth and snarling Watch for the signs above to determine when your dog needs you to step in and diffuse the situation. How You Can Help Prevent or Mitigate Dog Aggression If you notice any signs of dog aggression, remain calm, but act fast to remove your dog from the situation. Do not wait until your dog is at the snarling or snapping stage, as that means a nip or bite is imminent. You may need to place your dog in another area until he or she calms down or simply take the offending object that was being guarded. Your ability to assess the situation at hand will come in handy when you need to prevent dog aggression.

Need More Help?

Unfortunately, there are times when a dog needs professional help and our comprehensive services cover a wide variety of behavioral issues that will help you & your pet find that perfect balance of understanding and respect. Contact us today to learn more!

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